In nature, everything has its time. The hopeful time of sowing, the patient time of waiting and the exciting one of harvesting. This is how time marks the alternation of the seasons, each with its colors, scents and flavors. Each with its fruits and wonders. We have always cultivated an awe for nature’s generous gifts. We respect the laws and protect the rituals of each season. Because, we make each season the most beautiful season.


Constantly innovating and being open to new technical solutions that enhance quality of productions


To guarantee an high quality standard of products to ensure clients’ satisfaction


Enhance and improve the Apulian and Ionic fruit’s production

Giacovelli is a reliable partner, always faithful to nature’s rhythms and its seasons, who makes possible a conscious purchase of high quality fruit and projects innovative solutions ad hoc based on the specific needs of clients”

Firma Giacovelli

Quality mission

For us, guaranteeing the quality of our products is a real mission. That is why we follow every moment of production to make sure that we always offer you the highest freshness and quality.


Respecting the seasonality of fruit is good for us and the planet. Consult the calendar and discover month by month the correct period in which to consume our fruit.


All it takes to take care of our planet is a small act such as proper waste separation. That is why we have created the digital environmental label to help you dispose of your packaging correctly.

Innovazione V2


Our key to success is contained in a very simple equation: we combine respect for nature with technological innovation and the drive for progress to always guarantee the best.



"It is a thrill to see the grapes grow and to get the satisfaction of cutting them and then putting them in the boxes. It makes me feel proud of my work."

Worker manager



"I esteem Piero as a second father. He is able to transmit to me exactly what he feels, we are deeply connected. That is why I can say that I love this job and I love the emotions he conveys to me day by day".

Producer and commercial associate



"The relationship with Giacovelli is friendly. I have been working with them for almost twenty years and I have helped them enter the cherry business. My job as a commercial associate requires that I take great responsibility because if I make a mistake, they make a mistake. That's why I always try to give my best.

Vito Ezio
Commercial associate



"I can say that I am the child of a passion that is passed on from generation to generation. I grew up with fruit, especially cherries, and this is where the drive comes from that always leads me to give my best in what I do."




"Angela and Erminia came to Giacovelli together and their story has grown with the company's, so much so that today they consider it almost like a second home"

Angela ed Erminia,
Personal managers known as "The Locorotondo Muses"