Together for the planet

Among the Food Trends of recent years, there is more and more talk of sustainable, seasonal and waste-free diets. Thus, the climate-friendly diet, born out of an ever-increasing awareness of sustainability issues, is gaining ground. Its main objective is to favor products made exclusively with low environmental impact and recyclable packaging. We therefore give you a simple illustrated guide to help you make a correct recycling collection.


Where do I throw it?

A rapid guide for a perfect recycling collection


CestinoP V2
R PET 01 V2

Paper basket

Bicchiere V2
R PET 01 V2


Film V2
R PET 01 V2

Heat-sealed film

Flowpack V2
PP 05 V2


Adesivo V2
PP 05 V2


Coccarda V2
PP 05 V2


Retina V2
PE LD 04 V2

Plastic net

Tappetino V2
C PAP 81 V2

Fruit mat

Rete Arance V2
PE HD 02 V2

Oranges net

Fascia Rete Arance V2

Oranges net band


Bauletto V2
PAP 20 V2

Fruit box

Cestino V2
PAP 20 V2

Paper basket

Busta V2
PAP 22 V2


REMEMBER! Check the regulations of your township before disposal.

Creative recycle

All it takes is a little creativity to turn a glass into a cute pencil case or a trunk into a comfortable garden table. Unleash your imagination and turn our packs into something unique! If you want to share the result with us, don’t forget to tag us on social media.

Cestino V1

Waste less to do better

Our contribution to a sustainable economy

At Giacovelli srl we firmly believe in an economy that is able to combine economic growth with environmental protection. We work every day so that this vision becomes an increasingly concrete reality, setting ourselves the goal of achieving a measurable and continuous result over time. This is why we have adhered to the SPRING standard, which aims to improve the management of water resources on farms, and we partially power the factory with self-produced electricity from our 278.15 KW and 448.5 KW photovoltaic plants In addition, all our producers are GLOBAL G.A.P certified, a protocol that ensures that products are food safe through the application of integrated and sustainable farming techniques.