Juicy curiosities / What fruit are you? Take the quiz and find out!

What fruit are you? Take the quiz and find out!

che frutto sei

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What’s better than taking a fun quiz under an umbrella to find out what fruit you are among Nina the cherry, Otta the apricot, Nando the citrus and Perla-Lina-Regina the three varieties of grapes? Answer these simple questions and find out which of our fun fruits represents you the most.

what fruit you are

When it comes to choosing where to go to the beach you prefer:

  1. Take a big towel with you and go to the wildest beach
  2. Calling all friends together and building a small camp of umbrellas
  3. Reserve a sunbed in the front row and lie down* with a nice drink
  4. You hate the sea and rather stay home on the balcony with a book

Your beach bag never lacks:

  1. Earrings, bracelets and glitter to shine at all times
  2. A deck of cards for endless games
  3. Some good sunscreen to always have perfect skin
  4. You don’t do a beach bag because you only go if you have to

Your favorite beach look is:

  1. A pair of shorts and a colorful T-shirt
  2. Matching dresses with girlfriends
  3. An elegant sarong paired with flip-flops
  4. Is pouting considered a look?

Under the umbrella you prefer:

  1. Lying down* and listening to the sound of the waves
  2. Taking hundreds of quizzes to find out your personality
  3. Putting on headphones and listening to classical music
  4. Sitting* waiting to go home

On summer evenings you adore:

  1. Running barefoot on the shoreline in the moonlight
  2. Wandering among the waterfront stalls
  3. Dine in an elegant restaurant and sip good wine
  4. Staying home and watching a good movie

As your vacation gift, choose:

  1. A shell found on the beach
  2. Matching friendship bracelets
  3. An elegant straw hat
  4. Nothing, the gift is already the vacation itself

Compiled everything? Find out what fruit you are now!

Majority of 1

You are Nina, the cherry with a hippie soul who loves to be in touch with nature and its beauty. You see the world simply and genuinely and never tire of repeating how beautiful summer is. You love to be dressed comfortably* so that you are always ready* for any adventure.

Majority of 2

Your festive and spirited spirit matches exactly that of Perla, Lina and Regina, the three grape varieties that have always been inseparable friends. For you, every occasion is the perfect time to share fun experiences with your friends with whom you love to spend most of your time. This is also reflected in how you dress or the flavor of ice cream you choose: always everything matched and in harmony.

Majority of 3

In you lives a true noble soul like that of Otta the Apricot. You love all possible comforts, and for you it is no vacation unless everything is perfectly and conveniently organized, from the beach to the restaurant for dinner. Elegance is your watchword on any occasion, and you always have a suitable change of clothes with you for every eventuality.

Majority of 4

As with Nando the Citrus, summer is just not for you. You hate the heat and especially the sand that sticks to you everywhere. For you, beach vacations are torture, and when they manage to force you to go to the beach, you can’t wait to get back comfortably* on the air-conditioned couch.

Written on: 28/07/2023
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A gift for you!
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