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Apricots, useful tips on labeling

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Apricots are a rare commodity this year. Faced with respectable retail prices, it is therefore good to explain to consumers when it is best to eat the fruit and how to store it at home. Aspects that distributors and producers often overlook, resulting in a double disappointment for fruit buyers.

But it takes little to convey some useful information to the buyer, which justifies the value of the goods on sale. An interesting attempt to create culture on this front was seen at the new Pam City in Padua.

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n the fruit and vegetable department we saw apricots packed in half-kilo baskets on sale for EUR 2.99 per piece, i.e. almost six euros per kilo. First-class Italian fruit, rather anonymous in their presentation, except for a small label on the top of the package. A small strip without graphics or special catchy elements, but with interesting content: ‘We recommend not refrigerating. Consume them after 24/48 hours for excellent flavor’. A little trick, then. A piece of advice with a disarming simplicity, but which can change the buying experience and especially the most difficult test for a fruit: the tasting. Informed and probably satisfied consumer. An experience certainly to be developed for other references as well.

Written on: 27/08/2020
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