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Linbo™: new partnerships for the Italian brand

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2021 will be the second year of production for the Italian origin Tang Gold mandarin under the Linbo™️ brand, a club that, a year and a half after its inception, now has an invested area of 120 hectares, with 85,000 trees and 25 producer members

“The Linbo™️ club identifies the Tang Gold cultivated in Italy. Since 2014, the first plants have been planted and, in this campaign, the hectares planted in 2017 will also come into production, so as to significantly increase the available volumes compared to last year,” explains the president of the consortium, Francesco Paolo Gallo, who adds: “The club’s goal for the coming years is to reach a number of plants planted of 150,000, so as to be able to guarantee an increasing presence of Italian Tang Gold mandarins under the Linbo™️ brand in February and March.

“2020 was a decisive year for the Club, as two important partnerships were consolidated at a commercial level. We are talking about two great realities: Giacovelli and Orchidea Frutta, which will be the official licensees of the Linbo™️ brand and will allow consumers to purchase the product in the major Italian and European large-scale retail chains. The launch of the Linbo™️ brand will take place in February 2021 and will represent the club’s premium product of 100% Italian origin.”

“The main aim of the club is to bring to consumers’ tables the quality of an all-Italian short supply chain, from production to marketing. The brand represents a territory and the farms that are part of the project, which is completely new and innovative for the Italian citrus fruit context”.

“Today, in the era of Covid-19, everyone talks about helping the Italian economy; we were firmly convinced, even before the pandemic arrived, that certain national production excellences should be privileged and preferred on the tables of our compatriots,” President Francesco Gallo concludes.

Written on: 18/12/2020
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