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Albicocca Pricia

Pricia Apricots

Elliptical in shape and with orange-red skin, they have a balanced taste and firm texture on the palate

Albicocca Tsunami

Tsunami Apricots

Very early variety with above-average size. The pulp is sweet and juicy

Albicocca Rubista

Rubista Apricots

They are mainly distinguished by their red skin


end of April / end of September

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When to find them
The benefits
How to store them
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The apricot plant is native to Asia and was spread to Europe by Roman legionaries who imported it after the conquest of Armenia. Today, Italy is among the largest producers of apricots along with Spain, the United States, France and Greece.

When to find them

The ripening period of apricots goes from the end of April to the end of September.

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The benefits

Apricots also have several beneficial properties:

  • They hinder the oxidation of LDL cholesterol due to their high antioxidant content 
  • They support eye health and prevent cancer because they are rich in carotenoids
  • The presence of fibers helps prevent constipation and gives a greater sense of fullness
  • Potassium reduces water retention, blood pressure and has a regulatory function on the heart rate
  • The beta-carotene they produce helps protect the skin from the sun’s rays
How to store them

To preserve their freshness, apricots should be stored in a large container in a cool, dry place so that they have enough space and get as much air as possible. 

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Did you know that…

An old Armenian legend says that the apricot tree was originally just an ornamental plant with beautiful white flowers. When Armenia was invaded by enemies, it was ordered to cut down all trees that did not produce fruit, in order to obtain timber. This would also have been the fate of the apricot tree if a young girl had not cried under its branches throughout the night. In the morning the tree was laden with golden fruit: apricots.

Juicy curiosities

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