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Winter fruits

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Discover seedless clementines, oranges and mandarins
Arancia Navel

Navel Orange

Seedless and with blond pulp, it is perfect for making liqueurs, jams and candied fruits

Arancia New Hall

New Hall Orange

A subcategory of Navel, it ripens between November and March and is distinguished by its dark orange skin

Arancia Lane Late

Lane Late Orange

With low acidity and juicy, blond pulp, it is perfect for sweet juices

Arancia Washington

Washington Orange

Seedless and with blond pulp, its freshness makes it perfect for direct eating


October / April

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When to find them
The benefits
How to store them
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The orange has an ancient history dating back to 2000 BC when it first appeared in Asia. It did not arrive in the Mediterranean until the 7th – 8th century AD, when Arab populations imported it to Sicily, where the mild climate facilitated its cultivation.

When to find them

The ripening period of citruses changes a lot depending on the variety. Early clementines start ripening in the first days of October while later citruses ripen in April.

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The benefits

Oranges also have numerous beneficial properties:

  • Thanks to vitamin C they help fight the formation of free radicals, skin damage caused by sun exposure and help reduce wrinkles
  • They contain citric acid and citrates, which prevent the formation of stones
  • They combat stress due to the presence of folic acid, which reduces physical and mental fatigue
  • They protect eyesight as they are rich in vitamin A
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How to store them

In order to store oranges as naturally as possible while avoiding the refrigerator, it is ideal to keep them inside an open container and in an airy place with low humidity such as a balcony or windowsill.

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Did you know that?

According to Greek mythology, Juno, who married Jupiter, brought as her dowry small trees that produced golden fruit: they were oranges and lemons, which became symbols of love and fertility. This is why orange blossom is still used in wedding celebrations today, as it is considered a symbol of the bride’s purity.

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