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Uva Pizzuttella

White Pizzutella Grapes

It can be recognised by its fragrant pulp and sweet heart. It is the perfect snack during the day and helps kidney and intestinal health thanks to the fibers contained in the peel

Uva Bianca

White Queen Grapes

A white table grape with a traditional Apulian seed, large, slightly elongated berries, crisp pulp and a muscat flavor. Its origins are very ancient, it is thought to have been introduced from Syria to Italy by the ancient Romans

Uva Rossa

Red Grapes

Rich in iron and potassium, it is mainly used for wine production but can also be consumed fresh, dried or in the form of juice. It also has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties

Uva Cardinal

Black Grapes

Consumed at the table but mostly used to make wine, it has many beneficial properties and is recommended for women in the early months of pregnancy as it contains folic acid, an important vitamin in early pregnancy


July / December

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When to find them
The benefits
How to store them
Uva quarto V1

The origin of viticulture and winemaking in Europe dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks to whom we owe their arrival in Italy. Later, the Etruscans learnt this art and passed it on to the Romans.

When to find them

The ripening period of grape goes from July to December, according to the variety.

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The benefits

Grapes also have many beneficial properties:

  • Rich in potassium and low in sodium, it has a diuretic and detoxifying effect and is perfect for those suffering from kidney disease or hypertension
  • Helps regulate circadian rhythms thanks to the melatonin contained in the berries and is therefore useful in times of stress
  • Excellent for anaemics due to its richness in iron, also enhanced by the presence of copper, which, together with vitamin C, promotes its absorption 
  • In the seeds, in addition to cellulose, starch, tannins, antioxidant and skin-protective substances and mineral salts, there is also a percentage of oil rich in linoleic acid
  • Rich in minerals useful for calcium absorption in the bones, it is recommended for those suffering from anemia, gout, arthrosis and rheumatic pain
  • Regulates bile production and thus helps the digestive work of the live
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How to store them

Ideally, it should be stored in the refrigerator inside newspaper or a plastic bag because it should not be in contact with other foods. To make it last longer, it’s important not to wash it before putting it in the refrigerator.

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Did you know that…

An ancient legend says that originally the vine did not bear fruit. One day, a farmer who owned a beautiful, lush vine decided to prune it abundantly to give the other plants some light as well. The vine, so bare, was very sad and began to cry. Then a nightingale arrived and decided to sing to console her. The nightingale’s song was so sweet and comforting that even the stars were moved, giving some of their energy to the wounded vine. As if by magic, the vine began to live again and those tears soon turned into sweet fruits

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Our reality is always waiting to be discovered! Read anecdotes, insights and fun facts about fruit and Giacovelli srl to learn more about the commitment and love with which we work every day.

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